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I work with Blender, Daz3D for 3D modelling. Also use Gimp, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo for my 2D works. Many times, I give away many of my works for free at https://sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=quark. I only post the renders and links to the original product here.

[DAZ:Free]: Multipurpose Backdrop and Lighting

This will make it easy and lightweight on your computer to quickly render your scenes in different lighting conditions and backdrops. Versatile but Free, and praised by many users

[DAZ]: Swimming pool and Sun-loungers

A wide Swimming pool, with Sun-loungers with 3 water presets. (Still, wavy, disturbed)

[DAZ]: Studio environment

A versatile studio environment for DAZ, that can be used for yoga, photography, gathering or gaming

[DAZ:Free]: Untextured Living room movie set

The above is a untextured empty living room movie set, for your fast renders. Use it with your own materials, or as is.

[DAZ:Free]: Untextured Bedroom movie set

This is a untextured empty bedroom set, for your quick renders. Use it as is or your own materials

[DAZ:Free]: Untextured Bathroom movie set

The above is a untextured bathroom movie set, with basic accessories, for your fast renders

[DAZ:Free]: Untextured Studio environment movie set

The above is a untextured movieset for a Studio environment. Textured one is available above

[DAZ:Free]: Untextured patio movie set

This is a untextured but usable as is movie set of patio. Gorgeous lights and steel railing

[DAZ:Free]: Unfurnished apartment

This is a light weight unfurnished apartment, colors are used, not textures.

[DAZ:Free]: Portrait studio lighting(6 point)

This consists of one backdrop and 6 studio lights for your portraits in DAZ studio.

[DAZ:Free]:House with attic

This is a complete unfurnished house, with attic and stairs for DAZ3D

[DAZ:Free]:Room builder blocks

With different styles of windows and doors, a movie/scene setup for your DAZ3D Renders and stories

Share this with people you care for

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