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Over the past two decades, I have developed over 150+ tools inside and outside of my organization. Some are open source(at github), some freeware and some which involved enormous work and more dear to me, are a little charged. Here is a brief portfolio of my external activity.

Pattern Designer

A Windows based pattern designer for your wall papers, fabrics, textures for 3D etc.


A Visual Novel maker for Windows, with rich syntax highlighting

QuiComicker – Free

A free comic making software for Windows (Includes Comic Viewer on Windows)

QuiCosee – Free

A comic viewer, or album viewer, Comic file creator from existing images

ArtLibrary Creator – Free

Library creator for QuiComicker, DojiCreator, Graphicart

DigitalStoryBoard – Free

Storyboarding software for comics, games, films etc. Simple interface to create scenes and dialogs

Graphicart – Free

A Canva like application to create new graphics out of JPG and PNG images. with a small library of images ported.

ImageLibrarian – Free

A free librarian to manage your thousands of piled up images with comments, rating, tagging and a simple inbuilt editor

Manuscribe – Free

A free manuscript creation utility with inbuilt dictionary and spell check. It can even publish ebooks (to pdf)

AccountCentaur – Free

A personal accounting manager for windows(manual entries)

StickNote – Free

A free sticky notes application for windows.

Flowton – Free

A Simple flowcharting application for Windows

Enigma+ – Free

A versatile programmers editor including automated functions, form building for Windows

Recursive Unzipper – Free

When a zip file contains zip files, how to recursively unzip them to a folder quickly? This tool does

FileSystemSizeAnalyzer – Free

Do you know how to check which folders are occupying your space, to cleanup?, here is a tool for it!

Imagemover – Free

Organize quickly your downloaded images to different folders quickly!

Share this with people you care for

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