About Us

Vijay Sridhara is a Professional developer, Trainer with 20+ years of IT experience. He is also an author, blogger, counselor, a 3D Graphics enthusiast, Photographer and a Philosopher.

Well, as the site says, my name is Vijay Sridhara, I am an individual and no firm. It is my hobby beyond my profession to develop creative items and have a record of over 100+ reusable tools in my organization and outside of it. Whenever I get creative idea outside of my profession, I try to implement it using the tools and technologies I know. To make them available to the community outside, from time to time, I offer them for free or for little charge. I do believe in quality work, and try my best to deliver quality in all my works, whether free or charged. I feel Business, Profession and Life are not different when it comes to doing what we like. Some people draw lines, but I don’t. For me they are interwoven. So you see all my works here, including booklets, blogs, software, 3D art and photography!

If you think any of my free products helped you in some way, consider supporting such works! Because every work demands time, resources and energy any way.