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They call me Vijay Sridhara. I am a IT Architect, developer, Trainer, Counselor with 25 years of IT experience. I am also an author, blogger, counselor, a 3D Graphics enthusiast, Photographer and a Philosopher. Human mind, behavior, social well being is my major area of thinking.

If you found this page, either by intention or by accident, I am sure you will find it useful in three different ways.

  1. If you are a good reader, I am sure you will get a new perspective of life and solving problems in life
  2. Contemporary Dharma, the direction for society, and individuals if it has to survive for thousands of years.
  3. Free software that I developed and links to them

I am from Bharat(India). My motto are three simple things, to radiate what I learnt in life, how much ever minuscule of it I have, that people can make use of in their lives . To give away some of my software works to help people in their day to day work, to put my works in the showcase, that could inspire some rare, remote individual.

You can find me on facebook active: https://www.fb.me/VijaySridhara

You can find my support software group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vssoftware.

That is all!

Share this with people you care for

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